Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Na.Mwantumu Jongo.
This is a health club which established for the aims of educating the student about health in the primary level. C to C it is a combinations of students and health’s teachers with the aims to educate about health’s in their schools.

In the early in Shinyanga region there is a problem of the student did not know five basic s of health and it’s a main source of environment pollution.Maarifa resource in cooperation with Radio Sibuka and SNV discover this problem it’s a main source and a take a time and discuss we realise that a children used a many time at school so when educated about health issue through CtoC club because we believe a children had a power to educate the society it is easy to them to protect his /her health and when this children retuned home he or she can at as a good advisers on their families for this perception this C to C club stimulate the development.

A children on C to C club had a capacity to educate society through a songs, comedy, drama and drawing an example when the children see the person goes inverse on the health basics he/she can sing a song with the aim to educate health theme so that person he/she know that’s action it is not good in the society .

Supported Telephone to 8 Primary school at Maswa District which conducted a C to C club.
To express the project at the administration level which include the district commissioner and Regional commissioner?
To build a capacity building to the radio representer, health teachers and student on how to run a c to c club and its duties and obligation .The c to c club was taught 5 basic health on health of environment and personal health, reproduction health, availability of pure water and safety, Immunization against diseases.

§ Human resources he/she can mobilize the teachers & student to initiated a C to C club in their schools .
§ Fund to manage a Radio Program and facilitator.
§ Telephone and radio inoder a C to C club to listen a live programme and participate fully to share their vies and ideas .

Lesson learned
To have a frequently radio program and money to run this C to C club operation. My suggestion is that insure you have enough money when invest this project at your place and leave the student be free to find out a way to educate the society. Monitoring must be regularly and at a specific time.

Now the student habit changed due to know health basic many school at Tanzania hasn’t a dust bin normally use a hole so it is very difficulty for the newcomer or a guest to keep the environment safety these club hang viroba( plastic bag) at each tree surround school environment when he/she use a solid waste put on the plastic bag in Kiswahili so the school compound was so clean.

Smartness of the student increased due to know personal cleanness her is no wastage of time for a teacher to punish the dirty student because the student educated them selves each an example a student ask other student don’t you know the dirty is not a good habit can cause to you a disease and perhaps the student academic rise d because the student had not get a punishment from the teacher and the student love that teacher .

§ To find a radio sponsor inoder the radio Program to be runned at the three months before the contract end to rise awareness.
§ To have a good radio presenter inoder to communicate well with a C to C club to express and share information .
§ To conduct a training on a C to C club to build a capacity for C to C club to be knowledge on how to educate the society.

§ First of all introduce the theme or project to the Administration level these include reginal commissioner.
§ Capacity building to the students ,teachers and radio presenter.
§ The student must plan and take ana actions.


To organise a health club on their school.
To taught a student a how to express their view to the society and how to educate the society through asongs and comedy.
To plan and to do an actions like how to protect their environment through organising public sanitation , how to get ana excess on pure water and implement their plans .
To insure that the radio programme sustanablility.

§ Arrange the live Radio Program and the student express their view to the public.
§ Monitoring and revaluation through the study visity the student can move from one school to another to learn what other practice.

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